City of Eugene, On-Call Pavement Preservation Services, Eugene, Oregon


Through close contact with City of Eugene representatives, GeoDesign is providing rehabilitation designs for over 30 road sections that fit the existing street geometry and will extend pavement life an additional 20 years. Project scopes typically include FWD testing, subsurface explorations, and rehabilitation and design recommendations for pavement overlay and construction options. GeoDesign is coordinating with the City’s traffic control engineer and maintenance supervisor to provide safety-conscious traffic control during testing operations. In one example, GeoDesign completed a special request by the City to research and provide a rehabilitation option for cold in-place recycling of asphalt concrete. Our recommendations included cold in-place recycling design options, research into construction practices and contractors, construction observation, and cold in-place recycling specifications.


Pavement design, FWD testing, subsurface explorations